Monday 11 April 2016

Tasty naan breads at Tooting Bakery

Hey guys, Nabs here! I know it's been a long long time since I last posted but I'm back and will hopefully be sharing a lot of food adventures with you in the future :) 

This post is going to be about one of my favourite types of food: bread! (More specifically, naan bread). I eat Indian food on a daily basis and always accompany my curries with roti (chapati) or naan bread. 

Tooting bakery do the most delicious fresh naan bread! They sell 3 white/wholemeal naan breads for £1 which is a fantastic deal and this is what I've been buying from them in the past. Recently however I decided to try something new.

As well as the plain naan breads they also bake naan breads with a variety of toppings. You name it, they bake it! Some of the toppings they do include chicken, keema (mince), garlic, spinach & cheese, pizza, and even nutella!! How amazing does nutella on naan bread sound!? I must try that next time! Anyway in the last week I've tried two of the above: the spinach & cheese and pizza naan and I have to say they were delicious!!

Pizza Naan Bread

Spinach & Cheese Naan Bread
The toppings on both naan breads tasted fresh and there was plenty of cheese melted into the naan which was good news for me as I love cheese!

The naan is freshly made for while you wait. The people who work in the bakery are friendly and helpful, and have no problem when you accidently mess up your order like I did. I was half asleep when I was ordering and asked for a spinach & cheese naan when I should have asked for the pizza naan, but thankfully they hadn't started to make it yet so all was well.

Out of the two the Spinach & Cheese Naan is definitely my favourite but I will no doubt be ordering the Pizza Naan again.

Atmosphere- 10/10
Service- 10/10
Food- 10/10

Chocolate Sushi Rating- 10/10

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