Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tea and Cake at Rosie's Deli Cafe, Brixton Market

Brixton Market is one of my favourite places to go to in South London. It is vibrant, full of delicious smelling cafe's, restaurants and food stalls as well as many other stalls and shops, selling everything from fruit, veg and fish to clothes and bags.
The Foxes and Cherries sculpture, Electric Avenue
 I've eaten dumplings, noodles and Jamaican patties at Brixton Market in the past but there are so many places to eat that I haven't tried yet. I was planning to meet a friend in Brixton today and so prior to meeting her I researched the best places to eat in Brixton Market, and Rosie's Deli Cafe came up a couple of times in blogs and reviews.

Rosie's Deli Cafe is a small, comfy looking cafe at the corner of Market Row in Brixton Market.
We got to Rosie's Deli Cafe at around 11.30 this morning and aside from two other customers we were the only ones there. This was a good thing though as we got to pick where we wanted to sit. The cafe itself isn't very big inside, the seating area probably extends to 4 or 5 tables, but there are more tables directly outside and to the opposite side of the cafe. We chose a table on the opposite side and within a couple of minutes Rosie came out to take our order.

We started off by ordering a pot of tea with milk to share between the two of us.
Pot of tea - £3

Cup of tea before I added milk
Tea with milk
  I like my tea milky and when the milk wasn't brought out with the pot of tea I waited a couple of minutes then went back into the cafe to ask for it again.

After our tea arrived, my friend ordered scrambled eggs with toast and chilli jam, which looked so delicious that next time I go I might order it!
I went into the cafe to have a look at the cakes and what a selection! There was lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake, fig cake, as well as many others that I would have paid more attention to had I not been distracted by the cakes I just mentioned. The carrot cake in particular looked tasty with a generous layer of cream frosting at the top and it took me a couple of minutes to decide what to get. In the end I decided to go with the fig cake. 
Toasted Fig Cake with Yogurt
  What can I say about this cake? I am still thinking about it, 4 hours after I ate it. I initially ordered just the fig cake but Rosie came out and recommended I eat it toasted with yogurt so I agreed, waiting in anticipation for her to bring out the cake. Rosie knew what she was talking about when she suggested eating it toasted with yogurt because it was delicious!! The slice in the picture may look small but it was extremely filling, in the end I couldn't finish it. The cake was moist even after being toasted and the fresh yogurt added a tanginess to the sweetness of the cake. I would definitely get this again! 

Atmosphere  9/10

Service           8/10

Food               9/10

Chocolatesushi Rating 9/10

Nabs 15/08/13
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